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Creating Content for Social Media

Because of the immediate, one-to-one nature of social media marketing, your buyers expect your brand to behave like any other person on the platform.

So, in order to be successful, your content needs to not only offer value but also meet their expectations.

In order to grow your social media presence and hit your objectives, you need to create content that maps to each stage of the customer lifecycle and aligns with your buyers’ expectations on every channel.

“Great social is really about great content. The campaigns that really stand out are those with content that compel the user to participate, to engage, to share, to amplify. Think about how you can make your audience part of the content. Starbucks does a great job of this.”

- Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing

Create a variety of content

Content is a great way to show your expertise and your personality, and there are many purposes for content, from building your audience’s perception of your brand to thought leadership to simply posting fun, shareable pieces.

Common pieces include:

• Blog posts

• Tip sheets/checklists

• Infographics

• Long-form content pieces (like ebooks and whitepapers)

• Photos and videos

• Fun visual content (like memes and comics)

• Slideshows

• Podcasts

The power of visuals


Sharing photos and images can be a boon for companies. It lets you record and increase the visibility of company events, industry conferences, user groups, and more.


Video is now an essential part of any successful social media marketing strategy. Not convinced? According to Wyzowl, 77% of consumers say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video. Online videos can help you achieve a range of outcomes, from awareness and engagement to conversion and retention.

Unlike whitepapers, videos can be product-oriented and promotional, and can include:

• Product demos

• Webinars

• Whiteboard sessions

• Customer testimonials

• Speaking engagements

• Holiday video cards

• Blog entries

• User-generated content

• Company culture videos

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